The school  lays a strong emphasis on the play way method to embark quality and joyful education to the children. A part from the regular subjects taught to th tiny tots, various activities are a part of the curriculum, namely:-

Sensorial Training: Children learn through their five senses. The primary purpose of sensorial training is to further refine their sense to touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. The sensorial materials lay a firm foundation for Arithmetic, Geometry, Geography, Science and various art forms like Painting, Colouring, Drawing, Music, Dance etc.

Phonics: To become skilled reader and writers children must be able to decode words effectively and accurately i.e. to associate a specific  spelling with a specific sound. Through phonics, the relationship between spellings and sounds are comprehensively established. Both the languages English and Hindi are simultaneously taught through phonics.

Story Telling: Story Telling helps in increasing children’s imagination, vocabulary enhancement, comprehension skills, moral values and in their overall development.

Singing and Dancing: Music is another form of stimulation that boosts brain development. Rhythmic sounds and movements trigger the brain cells and help in coordination of brain with the body.

Art and Craft: In the art and craft classes activities like cutting and pasting, drawing and colouring, printing like vegetable printing, leaf printing, finger printing etc. are conducted.

Painting: Drop Painting, thumb painting, finger painting, blow painting, thread painting, spray painting, and brush painting are taught to the children.

Clay Modeling: To develop the motor skills, clay modeling is performed as an important part of the time table.

Collage making: Various kinds of collage making are taught of the children.

Conversation: Specialised activities and programs are held on a daily basis which help the children speak English effectively and naturally.

Recitation: Children learn the basic rules of language through rhymes. It greatly helps in the enhancement of vocabulary, pronunciation, learning the rules of grammar etc.

Computer Education: To equip the children with skills in computer literacy, computer education is imparted to them.

Hospitality Classes: In order to upgrade our children with social etiquettes and decorum to move in the society, hospitality classes are organized, where children learn to prepare and organize for parties and also learn to serve.

Gardening: To faster love and bonding with nature, gardening is actively conducted in the school.

Excursions: Educational and recreational tours are routinely organized.

Competitions: To include healthy competitive spirit, various competitions are held. Broadly stating-painting, drawing and colouring, fancy dress, pichkari making, Christmas tree decoration etc.

Physical Training and Sports: To instill the basis of discipline and uniformity, March past is done by students.

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