My Journey as the head boy 2019-20

It’s a saying that ‘With great power comes along great responsibilities’, and I felt the same when I was honored with the badge of head boy and all of a sudden my shoulders were heavy, now I was going to be responsible for everything going inside the school and had also to govern that all of the things go in a right manner insuring discipline and order in school are the basic agendas.

I am thankful to the school faculty, students and everyone who is the part of the school for believing in me, for believing that I can fulfill the oath I took. It’s an honor and privilege for me to be the head boy. I hope I’ll be able to prove that ‘Actions speaks louder than words.’

The school is the best place to mould yourself into a better person and good human being. Never be shy of making mistakes because no one is born perfect. Try doing things which you think you can’t ,give your best even in the end you don’t succeed you won’t regret of not trying it.

I’ll give my best and I hope this to be a great journey ahead.

Thank You

Abhay Pratap Singh
Head Boy (2019-2020)
Riverdale International School

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