My journey as the head girl 2019-20

‘All things are possible for those who believe.’ Fifteen years in Riverdale, gave me the confidence to dream, to think differently and to achieve the heights of success. Every moment in Riverdale has marked a day in my life, it has made me a better student, a better citizen and of all a better person .It ensures that every student exceeds their own expectations.

I would like to thank all the faculty members as well as my classmates for believing in me ,I hope I’ll live up to your expectations. The moment I was honored with the position, I realized that this is the time to pay back, this is the time to do something for my ‘Second Home’.

I’ve been blessed with an array of opportunities which have become the highlights of my life. Being a Head girl is not all about the position or title, it is about the action I do to create a change. I believe that no matter what anybody tells you, have faith in yourself, stand for what you think is right and be courageous to think differently. ‘The change begins with you.’

Thank you,
Gurnoor Kaur Bhandal
Head Girl (2019-20)
Riverdale International School

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