Social & Community Service

Education at all stages has been regarded as a powerful instrument for social transformation. The major task today is to usher in a democratic, socialistic secular society which removes prejudices among people. The objectives of introducing "Socially Useful Productive Work/Work Experience (SUPW/WE) " in the schools is to help in the realisation of these goals. SUPW in our school gives an opportunity to revive and keep alive the rich heritage and cultural traditions of our country and encourages creativity among students. Students are taught various activities like

SUPW is an integral part of our school curriculum. The idea behind it is to allow our students to give expression to their co-curricular interests and aptitudes. Participation in one of the activities pertaining to SUPW is compulsory. Some of these activities are managed by our own faculty and for some we hire external resource persons. The conduct of such activities will depend on the availability of resource persons. Activity is allotted on the basis of student's aptitude as assessed by teachers, and once allotted they have to continue as a member of that activity for the entire Academics year.

Riverians are actively engaged in Socially Useful & Productive Work. The activities include Social service has been an integral part of The School since its inception. Over the years the School has always lent a helping hand, across India, to people affected by the worst hit earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides and floods.

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