Vision and Mission


“Riverdale International School strives to achieve and maintain the highest standard of excellence in the field of education empowering the future generation rooted in India’s heritage to live as committed and responsible citizens contributing positively to the nation.”


Our society is in a constant state of flux and new cultural invasion through the electronic media and it is bringing about profound changes in values and attitudes of the young ones.Riverdale aims to graduate young students beyond mere theoretical domains of education. Riverians are equipped to meet the challenges of a fast changing world, with a self confidence based on secure foundation of intellectual ability, expertise in useful skills and a set of traditional values. Dignity of labour, craftsmanship and personal fulfillment is given scope to flourish along side the common core of school subject and activities.

School Song

Courage, strength and honour
We Riverians display
For our school and nation
We pledge this everyday
With our best in hand
We know we can
Even take the land
Because of dearest
Because we love you

-Patrick Theseira

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