Health Safety & Security

Students’ Health

The health of each student is a priority to us. Not only as a concern for their general wellbeing but because the health of a child is an important factor in the learning process. There is a Sick Bay where First aid Treatment is provided.

Students’ Security

We take the security of our school and students very seriously. Whether our students are in class, on a school trip or during any function or celebration, we implement strict security measures to protect them at all times.

The school campus is constantly under CCTV surveillance.

Round the clock security guards are deployed at the school gates. Random checks of the students and their belongings are done to ensure no one possesses any objectionable material. Regular fire drills are carried out throughout the school building to teach pupils and employees about emergency evacuation. School Rules for Visitors

In order to provide safety and security to the students, there are some basic rules formulated for the parents and visitors as well. All visitors are required to sign in the visitors’ register at the main gate to enter into the school. Parents and visitors have to park their vehicles outside the school and NOT IN FRONT OF THE GATES. In case a parent desires to take his or her child during the school hours, a written permission has to be obtained by the Principal. After which a gate pass (with the Principal’s signature) is issued.

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