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Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday01 Apr 2019School reopens
2Saturday06 Apr 2019Butterflies (i-iv) and Poster making (v-viii)
3Saturday13 Apr 2019Ram Navmi
4Sunday14 Apr 2019Vaisakhi and Ambedkar jayanti
5Monday15 Apr 2019Vaisakhi celebration
6Wednesday17 Apr 2019Mahavir jayanti
7Friday19 Apr 2019Good Friday
8Saturday20 Apr 2019Extempore (IX-XII)
9Wednesday24 Apr 2019Investures ceremony
10Saturday27 Apr 2019Eng. Speech competition(V-VIII)
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday01 May 2019Labours day celebration and Interhouse bollywood dance competition(boys classes III-VI)
2Saturday04 May 2019Interhouse Collage making competition (classes-VIII, IX AND XI), Eng. Paper reading competition (classes V-VIII), Chess(B/G)(SR/JR) and Carom(B/G((SR/JR)
3Saturday11 May 2019Mothers day celebration (by classes III-V), Carom(b/g)(sub jr.), Ludo(b/g)(sub jr.)
4Friday17 May 2019Class board decoration based on themes T.T(B/G)(SR.)
5Saturday18 May 2019Buddha Purnima
6Monday20 May 2019Summer holidays starts for classes Nursery to IX and XI
7Monday27 May 2019Summer holidays starts for classes X and XII
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday01 Jul 2019School reopens
2Saturday06 Jul 2019Book marks(I-IV), Posters (V-VIII), Football boys (jr.), Badminton girls(jr.)
3Saturday13 Jul 2019Fathers day celebration by classes VI-VIII, Football boys(jr.), Badminton girls(jr.)
4Saturday20 Jul 2019S.S.T Quiz (V-VIII), Wall hangings(I-IV), Badminton boys(jr.), Football boys(sub jr.)
5Saturday27 Jul 2019Eng. Paper reading (I-IV), Soft toys making (V-VIII), badminton boys(jr.) FINALS, Football boys(sub jr.)FINALS
6Monday29 Jul 2019Twin win
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday03 Aug 2019Rakhi making for girls (1-8) Card making or scroll making for boys (1-8) Science quiz (9-12)
2Monday05 Aug 2019Twin win
3Saturday10 Aug 2019English Declamation (5-8) Flag making/tri colour kite making/pigeons(1-4)
4Thursday15 Aug 2019Raksha bandhan
5Thursday15 Aug 2019Independence day celebration by classes 9-10 Interhouse patriotic dance competition (7,8,9,11) Role play by class 9-10
6Saturday17 Aug 2019English Elocution(5-12)
7Monday19 Aug 2019Twin win
8Saturday24 Aug 2019Janmashtami
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday07 Sep 2019Story telling (i-viii) Basketball girls(sr.)FINALS Badminton boys (sr.) FINALS
2Tuesday10 Sep 2019Moharram
3Saturday14 Sep 2019Photo frames(I-IV) Wind chimes(V-VIII) Kho-kho(sr.)
4Saturday14 Sep 2019Photo frames(I-IV) Wind chimes(V-VIII) Kho-kho(sr.)
5Monday16 Sep 2019Hindi week
6Tuesday17 Sep 2019Hindi quiz
7Wednesday18 Sep 2019Hindi paper reading
8Thursday19 Sep 2019Hindi recitation
9Friday20 Sep 2019Hindi extempore
10Saturday21 Sep 2019Hindi debate by class IX
11Monday23 Sep 2019Kho-kho FINALS
12Saturday28 Sep 2019Art attack (I-VIII) Cricket (sr. boys) Throwball (sr. girls)
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday02 Oct 2019Gandhi jayanti
2Saturday05 Oct 2019Quiz on patriotism classes Cricket (sr. boys) Dussehra celebration by class XI
3Monday07 Oct 2019Maha navmi
4Tuesday08 Oct 2019Dussehra
5Saturday12 Oct 2019Cricket (sr. boys)FINALS Throwball (sr.girls)FINALS Diya decoration by non-participants
6Sunday13 Oct 2019Valmiki jayanti
7Saturday19 Oct 2019Kho-kho finals(sub jr.)
8Friday25 Oct 2019Dhanteras
9Sunday27 Oct 2019Diwali
10Tuesday29 Oct 2019Bhai dooj
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Friday01 Nov 2019English paper reading Classes- I-IV( Ms Subuhi, mrs samarjeet, Mrs Jasdeep) Classes- V-VIII( Ms Dilsharad, mMrs Sweta Sarna) Classes- IX-XII (Ms Navneet, Ms Sanjot)
2Monday04 Nov 2019Talent hunt auditions start
3Thursday07 Nov 2019Hindi Debate class IXA
4Friday08 Nov 2019Hindi Debate class IXB
5Saturday09 Nov 2019Hindi Debate class IXC
6Sunday10 Nov 2019Id ul milad
7Monday11 Nov 2019Qawwali sunging /shabad singing competition
8Monday11 Nov 2019Special assembly(gurupurav) Shabad singing competition(classes-VIII,IX,XI)
9Tuesday12 Nov 2019Guru nanak birthday
10Thursday14 Nov 2019Children’s day celebration
11Saturday16 Nov 2019Maths quiz classes-I-IV Bouquet making (classes-V-VIII)
12Tuesday19 Nov 2019Fancy dress class- nur
13Wednesday20 Nov 2019Fancy dress class-lkg and ukg
14Thursday21 Nov 2019Fancy dress class- I & II
15Saturday23 Nov 2019Science quiz (classes- IX-XII) Pencil holders(classes-I-VIII)
16Tuesday26 Nov 2019Athletic meet (opening)
17Saturday30 Nov 2019Run for unity
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Thursday05 Dec 2019Khel Mahakumbh
2Thursday12 Dec 2019English debate class XA adn XB
3Saturday14 Dec 2019Gift wrapping (classes-I-VIII) Heena (for interested students) Salad (classes-VIII,IX, XI) Manger(classes –VIII,IX,XI)
4Saturday21 Dec 2019Maths quiz by NIIT
5Monday23 Dec 2019Christmas celebration by class V Carol singing competition(classes –VIII,IX , XI)
6Tuesday24 Dec 2019Christmas Fete
7Wednesday25 Dec 2019Christmas
8Friday27 Dec 2019Winter Vacations for all classes
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday08 Jan 2020School reopens for classes 9 to 12
2Monday13 Jan 2020Lohri celebration
3Saturday18 Jan 2020Rangoli making(girls classes VIII,IXand XI) Kite making(boys of classes VIII,IX and XI)
4Saturday25 Jan 2020Exhibition
5Sunday26 Jan 2020Republic day celebration
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday01 Feb 2020Kabaddi(jr. girls)
2Saturday08 Feb 2020Kabaddi(jr. girls)FINALS
3Saturday15 Feb 2020Kabaddi (jr. boys)
4Friday21 Feb 2020Grand parents day
5Saturday29 Feb 2020Kho-kho (sub jr. girls)

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